The Tomatis Training Programme

Tomatis Language Training

The educational content of the training course is tailored to the individual, based on the studentís existing language ability, and auditory perception levels (depending on the mother tongue). The training programme is made up of two areas: listening sessions and language lessons.


Individual headsets

with the electronic ear

Rhythm - Pronunciation - Intonation
  • Immersion in the rhythms and music of the language.

  • Enabling the student to step out of his/her own language and become receptive to the full range of sounds used by another (known as "Listening Range Remodelling").

  • Reproducing the rhythm, pronunciation and intonation through repetition exercises within the phonetic range of the new language.


One-to-one tuition

with the electronic ear

Language Structure
Grammatical structure-vocabulary - syntax
  • Learning the grammatical structure of the language, the vocabulary and the syntax.

  • Conversation and role-play, based on a specific context or activity and "learning by doing".

  • Improving pronunciation and intonation through phonetic exercises with a personal tutor.

Our approach in detail

  1. Linguistic Evaluation and Consultation

    The process begins with a linguistic assessment of each individual and consists of:

    1. The Tomatis Listening Test:

      This test is used to determine the audio frequencies one can hear or not hear well. Measuring the ability of the ear to differentiate individual auditive frequencies is the basis on which each person's comprehensive language coaching program will be designed.

    2. Foreign Language Evaluation Test:

      To determine the foreign language level of each individual, a competence test will be administered.

    3. The Consultation:

      A detailed consultation will be conducted where the results of the two tests will be analyzed. The goals and the format of the future language coaching will be determined.

  2. Language Coaching

    Each coaching unit consists of two sequential components.

    1. Listening Training (1-2 hours)

      Based on the results of the Tomatis Listening Test, a specially devised listening training program will be given at the beginning of each session to educate the ear to hear the auditory frequencies of the foreign language being studied. Reproducing and retaining in memory the rhythm, melody and intonation of the language will be significantly simplified and greatly improved. The ear will regain it's natural ability to hear a wider range of frequencies.

    2. Language Training (1-2 hours)

      The second half of the Language Coaching consists of an intensive session of language training using the "Electronic Ear" in a one-on-one situation with the language coach or in a very small group (max. 3 people). Keeping each individual's goals and needs in mind, syntax, semantics and the grammatical structure of the foreign language will be practiced through active communication. Pronunciation and intonation will be improved with exercises under the guidance of the language coach.

    The aggregate for one coaching unit amounts to 2-4 hours.

  3. Progress and Evaluation

    The Tomatis Language Coaching program ends with an evaluation of progress made. The Tomatis listening test as well as the language competence test will be re-taken to ascertain that the goals set earlier have been achieved.

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